Learning How To Learn

You don’t need to spend hours on one assignment. Break tasks down into smaller pieces so you can focus on each one and finish it quickly. This way, it becomes easier to track your progress throughout the project.

Piece the Tasks to Smaller Sections

For example, if you have five homework assignments due in two days, break those assignments down into individual homework segments and focus on completing one at a time.

If you have an entire book report due in an hour, then break that up into five fifteen-minute segments so you can keep track of how much time is remaining for each segment and not be overwhelmed by all the work left to complete.

Use Timers

If you are studying something that can be done in a set amount of time or with a specific number of steps, use a timer to stay focused. Try using different colors for different segments to help keep things organized as well as interesting! If you don’t have enough time for this trick, try listening to music instead.