Microsoft in Making Minecraft an Educational Platform

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As everything seemed to indicate, Microsoft eventually bought Mojang, an independent Swedish developer known for the overwhelming success of one of his titles, Minecraft. Despite the importance of this game, it was difficult to pinpoint the reasons that had led the Redmond team to invest $2,500 billion in a consolidated project, due to the little use that could already be made of it. Satya Nadella has explained what are the intentions of the company he leads.

The popularity of a game is never forever; and its impact tends to adapt over time to the drawing of what we know as the normal curve, with a greater or lesser deviation depending on the specific case. The examples are there. No titles with a boom as strong as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds o World of Warcraft they retain the number of users they had in their prime; and that’s the path Minecraft (with the best Minecraft servers) will have to travel. Microsoft’s purchase intentions were therefore beyond our logic.

Satya Nadella explains her plans

Microsoft’s CEO has provided details on what will be the future of Minecraft when the purchase is effective. It is true that at the moment we do not know exactly what changes will take place, but the idea is to make the game an educational tool.

According to Nadella, “Minecraft is the best way to explain or arouse a person’s curiosity about science, technology, engineering, or math.” So although the game continues to function in the same way as so far; it will try to bring its codes into the area of learning in some way.


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Persson says goodbye to fans

The founder of Mojang, a voice who has always been independent of the project with regard to large companies, he also explained the sale from his position to Microsoft.

According to Persson, the size Minecraft took on began to overflow the capacity of their team and therefore they decided to sell: “I don’t want to be responsible for something I don’t understand”, “I’m not an entrepreneur, nor a CEO, I’m a geek programmer who likes to freely express his opinion on Twitter”.

What do you think of the statements of Persson and Nadella? Do you think anything positive will come out of this transaction?