Education Strengthens Self-Confidence

Education can help you to gain self-confidence. It is a psychologically and economically valuable resource that can help you live a strong life.

With a certain level of education, you can also perceive your weaknesses, your suffering, and the suffering of the world more intensely. But if you have also integrated these topics into your self-image and worldview, then an all the more well-founded self-confidence arises.

Knowledge becomes wisdom.

Education is fun when done right

Your brain releases dopamine when you learn. You can connect with other learners while studying. You can form valuable relationships through it while your brain releases oxytocin.

With every new skill, every new method, and every new fact, you can solve problems and puzzles in the future, get recognition for them, and collect successes. Overcoming new challenges builds self-efficacy and can even become addictive.

At best, your educational career is a lifelong game where you are consistently the winner.