How Women Learn to Use Power Tools

Woman using an impact drill


Bare walls are waiting to be plastered or embellished, and appropriate wallpaper, paints, and brushes are ready. Also, tiles, as well as a click vinyl flooring and the necessary utensils for laying, are in stock. Next door, a shower cabin needs to be installed and sealed, and a half-timbered construction still lacks windows. What sounds like a veritable construction site takes place in a parking lot because this is only the construction for the “Women’s Power Evening”, which is now taking place for the ninth time at the Globus DIY store in Hofheim. For three hours, the ladies of creation have the opportunity to try out craftsmanship and learn a lot of new things. Because, of course, experts from various companies are on hand at each of the 18 booths to provide advice and assistance. It is also about drywall, the right insulation, the handling of the battery-powered garden and power tools as well as the installation of wooden fences.

“We had asked in advance for registration for the desired topic, and then 270 women had registered,” says store manager Christoph Warnick, “but if a few spontaneously decide differently here on site, that’s no problem.” In any case, the weather plays along perfectly and even the catering is ensured because the Globus trainees have provided an appropriate buffet. Speaking of food: A particularly large number of participants have gathered around the stand, where a seminar on grilling on gas, electrical, or coal appliances is held. The tips come just in time for a long, sunny weekend that lends itself to gardening of any kind. Warnick is also pleased: “Most of the time, the products presented here are sold in much greater numbers the next day, so I particularly bet on the grill assortment as well as the pruning saws and the wood tools.”

Holes in stones

For the registration fee of five euros, each participant receives a bag with a painter’s overall, so nobody has to get really dirty. Whereby despite so many artfully painted fingernails is directly tackled efficiently. A lot of hustle and bustle immediately prevails around the table, where small wooden boxes can be embellished, and so is eagerly sanded and varnished. With a little muscle power and significantly higher wattage, concrete blocks get holes. Globus employees patiently explain the differences between an impact drill and a battery-powered device as well as the appropriate drills depending on the material.


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The athletes of the Königsteiner Leichtathletik Verein, including Marshella Foreshaw, who recently won fourth place at the U18 World Championships, are also trying it out directly. She and her fellow campaigners have every reason to be happy anyway because the Globus DIY store donates the participation fees paid to the association, which was founded in 2013. The sports director Judith Wagemans is allowed to take a total of 1000 euros to Königstein. “I just have a heart for youth,” says Warnick cheerfully.

Claudia Raquet, who is eagerly dedicated to installing a window, is also in a great mood. In any case, she is no stranger to any craft, as she has been renovating her house in Frankfurt for four years. “I’ve already renewed the toilet and sink, rebuilt the kitchen, replaced floors, and constructed a cat flap.” Now she needs a few new windows and has therefore specifically registered for this course: “It’s great that you can try everything out here because you don’t dare to do much. But I enjoy it and I store my tools directly where I need them, i.e. on the bookshelf in the living room. I don’t feel like going to the cellar all the time.” And there are clear rules, which she explains with a laugh: “All the tools in the house belong to me, the men are not allowed to touch them. My guy has two left hands anyway and a ‘dungaree allergy’ as he always says.”