Vehicle Technology: Studies and Professions

The vehicle industry is booming and stands for high salaries, the need for skilled workers, and a wide range of applications. You can find coveted jobs in vehicle technology.

Areas of automotive engineering

As a vehicle technician, you have a number of job opportunities open to you. These include, for example:

  • Production planning and production control
  • Sales and distribution
  • Management and corporate governance
  • Monitoring and control of traffic operations
  • CAD and construction

You can find a job in automotive engineering

  • Vehicle construction companies and suppliers
  • Engineering offices
  • agriculture
  • Research and Development

Automotive engineering studies

To become an automotive engineer, you need a degree in engineering. You can take automotive engineering as a separate course of study or as a focus in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or transport. Specialization in electrical systems in car technology is also possible in electrical engineering. Both technical colleges and universities offer corresponding subjects.

On the other hand, the professional title of vehicle technician after training does not exist. In the dual course of study, for example, the course content is combined with training as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician or body and vehicle construction mechanic.

Since the bachelor’s degree often imparts basic technical knowledge but omits specific areas of focus, most engineering students opt for the subsequent master’s degree. The specialization here ranges from road vehicle technology and vehicle development to combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, and intelligent vehicle systems. The additional study time is rewarded with a higher starting salary in automotive engineering.

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What do you have to study to become a vehicle technician?

If you want to work as a vehicle technician, a degree is essential. The following courses can bring you to your goal.

  • Automobile production and technology
  • Vehicle technology
  • Vehicle construction
  • Mechanical Engineering – Modern Automotive Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Transportation

What do you need to be able to do as a vehicle technician?

The right soft skills are a prerequisite for a successful career. Since cars, machines and technical components cannot be designed individually, a certain ability to work in a team is essential as an engineer. In addition, processes must be discussed and projects coordinated due to strong communication skills. Since CAD and CAE have become firmly established in the automotive industry, knowledge of the program will help you further.