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How Much Paper Do Schools Consume?

Man using photocopier machine at school


Worksheets, books, copy paper, letters to parents – paper consumption at German schools is immense. A counter-proposal has recently been provided by so-called tablet classes and parental mail by e-mail. “I’ve reduced my paper consumption by 90 percent,” says a teacher after two years at a pilot tablet school.

Germany consumes as much paper as the continents of Africa and South America combined, namely 18 million tons per year. Converted to the population, this is about 250 kilograms of paper per person per year. Schools account for a not inconsiderable proportion of this number. After all, there are about 47,000 general education schools in Germany, i.e. 47,000 books, worksheets, letters to parents, and copy paper. Taken together, these are mountains, even if we Germans are at the forefront of the global league of waste paper collectors.

Per capita consumption of paper has risen steadily since the 1950s. Now it is experiencing stagnation – at least in schools – thanks to modern technology. While 15 years ago the copier in the teachers’ room was often hotly contested that they need a copier service to maintain the machines, today much is done via electronic media.

Tablet instead of a notebook, e-mail instead of a letter to parents

For example, parent communication: In the past, several times a month, all students in a class were provided with copied information sheets about the planned class trip or the new school project by the teacher, with the order to hand over the papers to the parents at home. Today, many schools work for such information with electronic class letters via e-mail. Only particularly important information is carried home in the satchel, for example, because a signature from the parents is required. Of course, there are big differences from school to school in this respect. Certainly, one or the other teaching staff still handles the copy question today in the same way as ten years ago, while other schools already work predominantly with e-mail distribution lists.

Still, other schools go much further. They have not only abolished the letter to parents on paper, but also the worksheet. They are increasingly incorporating modern technology and using computer media for teaching. So-called e-learning or digital learning is becoming more and more widespread. Schools are upgrading for digital learning or e-learning: better and more Internet connections in the classroom, tablets in the school desks, and digital all-rounders behind the desk. Children and young people should practice using modern media and digital technologies at an early age in order to be better prepared for their future in the world of life and work 2.0.

Teacher reduces paper consumption by 90 percent

An example of a pioneering school in terms of e-learning is the Waldschule in Hatten, Lower Saxony. The first tablet classes were set up here in 2012, in which the students do not sit in class with paper, pen, notebook, and book but with a tablet computer. It is obvious that the school has used noticeably less copy paper since then than it did five years ago. “I have reduced my paper consumption by 90 percent in recent years, except for class tests, I no longer distribute paper,” says teacher Andreas Hofmann in a Schulspiegel interview.

Yearbook and graduate newspaper are still on the shelf

Even if the Hattener school is currently still the exception, a development away from copied worksheets and letters to parents remains to be assumed for the next few years. Does this mean that the school of the future can do without paper at all? This is not to be assumed. Because while the form of communication – whether electronic or postal – is not important, for example in the case of parents’ letters, there are things that nobody wants to do without in printed form.

The annual report including class photos on glossy paper, for example, is such a thing. Of course, school newspaper, yearbook, graduate newspaper or similar could also be “issued” to the students as an e-book. But it is and remains something else whether the mother shows her children the yearbook of her school days as a beautifully designed and attractively bound book or as a swipe reading on the tablet.

Paper is something valuable and is perceived as valuable. All the more so when in everyday life the simple letter to parents and the copied worksheet are replaced by their electronic cousins.

Even in the printing sector, the new media have apparently become indispensable: a large part of school newspapers, yearbooks, and brochures are now ordered online. Schools are no different in these matters than “normal” companies. And they have long been happy to use the entire range of offers from online print shops as they are all called, they have their company brochures and business cards printed by them as well as posters and other advertising material. The majority of schools also order their yearbooks on the Internet. Whether as a ring binder, with perfect binding, staple stitching, or wire-o binding – there are hardly any limits to the creativity of students and teachers, thanks to the Internet and online print shops.

Buying Guide For Gifts Ideas For All Occasions

When it comes to looking for a gift for any occasion, you need to put a lot of thought into it so as to be able to find that perfect present to give, especially if the person receiving the gift is someone very dear to you.

Gifts Ideas For All – Finding The Perfect Gift 

While there are plenty of items in both brick and mortar and online stores to purchase as a gift, finding the most ideal gift to celebrate the occasion and the person/s can be tricky and challenging even if you know that person very well. Fortunately, there are several excellent resources on the Web for gifts ideas for all to make gift shopping much easier.

online shops are an excellent resource to visit online as it has a variety of informative gift guides for gifts ideas for all occasions and events as well as gift ideas for different types of people. Among these includes:

  • Wedding anniversary gift ideas for him/her
  • Christmas gift ideas for parents
  • Graduation gift ideas
  • Welcome to the neighborhood gift ideas
  • I’m sorry gift ideas for her/him
  • Summer gift ideas for students
  • Gift ideas for dads who enjoy watching TV
  • Gift ideas for someone working night shifts
  • Thank you gifts ideas for internship supervisors
  • Gift ideas for people who have no hobbies
  • Gift ideas for campers
  • Awesome gift ideas for parents or grandparents
  • Gift ideas for vegans
  • Gift ideas for someone who loves sport

Whatever the occasion may be or whoever that person you are gifting, makeitspecial.com may just have the gift guide you need to ease the troubles of finding a gift that he/she will definitely love, enjoy or appreciate. 

Making An Informed Decision When Looking For Gifts

Gift giving isn’t only a meaningful or thoughtful way of showing your love, care or appreciation for someone, but is also a social ritual, which is why it is important for most people to find that perfect gift. 

However, even with gift guides for gifts ideas for all, there are also a few things to keep in mind so as to make an informed decision, saving yourself from the struggle and stress of gift shopping even more. Below are some consideration:

  • Keep in mind the occasion as well as the theme (if there is any)
  • Determine and set your budget
  • Know what interests the person you are gifting
  • Keep in mind their hobbies
  • Consider their lifestyle
  • Look for a gift that will match or compliment their personality
  • Consider giving something they need or can use to make their daily tasks easier

Microsoft in Making Minecraft an Educational Platform

Minecraft website


As everything seemed to indicate, Microsoft eventually bought Mojang, an independent Swedish developer known for the overwhelming success of one of his titles, Minecraft. Despite the importance of this game, it was difficult to pinpoint the reasons that had led the Redmond team to invest $2,500 billion in a consolidated project, due to the little use that could already be made of it. Satya Nadella has explained what are the intentions of the company he leads.

The popularity of a game is never forever; and its impact tends to adapt over time to the drawing of what we know as the normal curve, with a greater or lesser deviation depending on the specific case. The examples are there. No titles with a boom as strong as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds o World of Warcraft they retain the number of users they had in their prime; and that’s the path Minecraft (with the best Minecraft servers) will have to travel. Microsoft’s purchase intentions were therefore beyond our logic.

Satya Nadella explains her plans

Microsoft’s CEO has provided details on what will be the future of Minecraft when the purchase is effective. It is true that at the moment we do not know exactly what changes will take place, but the idea is to make the game an educational tool.

According to Nadella, “Minecraft is the best way to explain or arouse a person’s curiosity about science, technology, engineering, or math.” So although the game continues to function in the same way as so far; it will try to bring its codes into the area of learning in some way.


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Persson says goodbye to fans

The founder of Mojang, a voice who has always been independent of the project with regard to large companies, he also explained the sale from his position to Microsoft.

According to Persson, the size Minecraft took on began to overflow the capacity of their team and therefore they decided to sell: “I don’t want to be responsible for something I don’t understand”, “I’m not an entrepreneur, nor a CEO, I’m a geek programmer who likes to freely express his opinion on Twitter”.

What do you think of the statements of Persson and Nadella? Do you think anything positive will come out of this transaction?

Towing Trucks and How They Offer a Service that You Can’t Live Without

Towing trucks are an essential part of the towing industry. They offer a service that you can’t live without.

Tow trucks are used for transporting a vehicle that is not capable of driving on its own or needs assistance in order to move it from one location to another. When a car breaks down, people often call a tow truck company for help in order to get their car up and running again.

Towing Trucks can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

-Vehicle towing

-Heavy lifting and loading

-Transporting vehicles

-Engineering services

-Storage of vehicles in a secure location

-Moving heavy objects and equipment in a safe manner

The service that they offer is something that you can’t live without because it’s something that is so important.

What is a Tow Truck and Why Should You Get One?

A tow truck is a vehicle that is used to move a disabled, stuck, or otherwise immobile vehicle to a repair shop. Tow trucks are usually large and powerful enough to tow other vehicles weighing up to 10 tons.

Tow trucks are expensive and can be difficult to find in the event of an emergency. They are also very heavy so they can’t be driven on public roads without a legal permission.

Tow trucks are a type of vehicle used to tow other vehicles. They are often called “tow trucks” or “towing and recovery vehicles”. Tow trucks serve as a valuable resource to drivers and their cars.

A tow truck is not the same as a car; they are much larger, stronger, and more powerful than most cars. These trucks have heavy duty engines, reinforced frames, and specialized equipment that allow them to tow large vehicles or pull them out of tight spaces. They also have powerful winches that can be used for lifting heavy objects and pulling them into place.

What are the Best Uses for a Tow Truck Company?

Towing companies like towing Santa Clara are essential for any vehicle owner. They provide a service that is critical to the safety of drivers and passengers.

The best use for a tow truck company is to provide roadside assistance. This includes anything from changing tires, jump-starting cars, providing fuel, or even providing a tow.

What Is Education And Why Is It Crucial?

Education is most of the knowledge that a person acquires after studying a particular subject or after experiencing life lessons that provide an understanding of something. It is the method of acquiring habits, beliefs, values, knowledge, and skills.

Approaches of educational institutions

Teaching methods may include storytelling, discussion, directed research, teaching, and training.

Education is not just about book knowledge.  It is something that you learn practically. Furthermore, it means not only going to school every day, but also gaining knowledge and relating it to your life.

For the acquisition of knowledge

Education gives you knowledge about the world around you. At the same time, it changes the world into something better.

It grows and develops in you a perspective to look at life. It helps you build opinions and have perspectives on the world around you in life.

Why Education is Important in Any Profession?

Education is indeed a life’s treasure. It hones us to best ourselves and to grow as well. When you think about it, we are constantly learning something new. And whether you admit it or not, we are growing constantly. Even if you have a job that doesn’t involve education directly, gaining knowledge is still important to your success in any field.

This article explores why education is important in any profession and how you can utilize your skills to continue growing as an individual.

Gaining Knowledge is Good for Your Career

When you are looking for a new job or trying to advance your career, you’ll want to make sure that you are making a good impression. This means that you’ll need to have knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in your field.

However, gaining this knowledge doesn’t happen overnight. You likely need to take some courses and have some experience in the field before you have the knowledge necessary to succeed.

You can Network and Meet New People

Another way that gaining knowledge can help you in your field is by helping you network with new people. One of the best ways to get a job is to network with people in your industry and outside of it.

Networking with people in your industry can help you find a job and help you advance in your career. However, finding people in the industry can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

It will Help You Develop Key Skills

One important factor to consider when deciding on a field to enter is the skills that you will need. Each profession has its own set of skills that make it unique. If you are switching fields, it can be difficult to know which skills you need to learn.

If you decide to become a teacher, for example, you will need to learn how to teach and how to work with children. Another example, if you have enough knowledge about being a civil engineer, you’ll know the right and best way to use and apply a metal strap iron and other construction materials.

The Best Tools for Teachers to Help Students Learn Faster

What are the Best Tools for Teachers to Help Students Learn Faster?

The best education tool for teachers to help students learn faster is automation software. With this software, teachers can create their own lesson plans, assign tasks and monitor the progress of the students. The best tools for teaching assistants are those that provide real-time feedback on student progress. These tools can also be used by parents to help their children with homework and other projects at home.

Gadget Websites can help teachers and learners navigate through these various tools for learning, from smartphones to tablets, and even laptops. These websites also provide tutorials on how to use learning apps to make it easier for both the teacher and the student.

How Technology Can Improve the Learning Experience of Every Child

Technology has been changing the way we learn and how we interact with people. It is important to understand the impact that this technology has on our lives and what it means for children in order to improve the learning experience of every child.

The use of technology in education is increasing rapidly, but it can be difficult to know how this will affect children. This article will explore how technology can be used to improve the learning experience of every child.

Technology has changed the way we teach children. Now, technology can make a significant impact on how children learn. Technology is a vital tool for educators in classrooms today. It’s also an essential tool for students to learn and grow as individuals in the future.

One of the best education software for students is a learning assistant, which can be anything from an app that helps you study to a robot that helps you with homework. There are many different ways technology can improve the learning experience of every child.

What are the Best Tools for Schools that Educate Kids About Technology?

Schools are the first place where kids get exposed to technology. With the help of technology, kids can learn and develop their skills in a better way. This is why schools are experimenting with different technologies to provide a better learning experience for students.

The best tools for schools that educate kids about technology include virtual reality and augmented reality. These technologies have been used in classrooms to make learning more immersive and engaging for students.

The most popular tool is Microsoft’s Hololens, which is a headset that allows users to see through digital objects and interact with them as if they were real-life objects by using gestures, voice commands, or hand movements.

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital content in the real world, so it can be seen by humans. This content can be text, images, or videos that are visible through a screen or lens. For example, with augmented reality, you can see a map of your neighborhood in the palm of your hand while you are walking outside.

What is the Future of Education with Artificial Intelligence and Technology?

The future of education is a big question that has been debated for decades. There are a lot of opinions on what will happen and what should happen. One thing is clear, though – the use of technology in education is likely to change how we learn.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software can be used in various ways by educators and students to provide personalized learning solutions. Some examples are:

  • Software that adjusts learning according to student progress,
  • Software that provides feedback on student work,
  • Software that helps students with homework or classwork, and
  • Software that helps students collaborate with peers or teachers.

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Conclusion: The Future of Education with AI and Technology is Bright

The future of education is bright with AI and technology. AI tools will be able to provide personalized learning and adaptive learning to students, which will make education more efficient. Students will also be able to get access to content anytime, anywhere through the use of mobile devices and tablets.

A Guide On Social Media For Schools

Classroom with kids and teacher


Reading the headline, many will have wondered what connection schools have with social media topics. Basically, the thought opens up quickly, after all, it is the goal of the teachers to understand the life worlds of their students. Often enough, they finally get questions about it in class. And isn’t it part of the current educational competence to teach the young generation how to deal adequately with these media? It is also becoming increasingly important for schools to expand their communication to social media channels with the help of the cheapest SMM panel. As part of further training to become a “Social Media School Guide” in cooperation with the IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet, we have trained the first multipliers at the Berufskolleg Hattingen.

Social media situation in schools is heterogeneous

The situation in schools today is characterized by a divided situation: while most students spend a large part of their time on social media channels, teachers have very different approaches to it. Of course, this cannot be based on age, but a trend is still foreseeable: the younger teacher often has social media experience, and with the older generations of teachers, access to the social media world is quite heterogeneous. Some participate very well, others refuse these media and cannot understand the enthusiasm of their students for it. Now, however, the question arises as to how to build and expand social media skills among teachers. One possibility, for example, is to continue your education. The Berufskolleg Hattingen has taken this path and learned about the Business Academy Ruhr through its good contact with IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet. Together, we have developed and carried out a training course specially tailored to schools.

Description of the further training for the “Social Media School Guide (IHK)”

The aim of this training was to enable teachers to understand entrepreneurial social media communication. This makes it possible to implement these adequately for the school itself, but also to pass on the knowledge to the students. Because they are often alone in everyday school life with their questions about how they should use the social media channels of their training companies. Now it is possible for the teachers trained in the Social Media School Guide to integrate social media questions from the corporate context into their lessons and respond to questions. They know about the legal framework of social media practice in companies, know the differences and challenges of the large networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, but also the cornerstones of a social media strategy. In just under seven weeks, they worked on these topics both online and in face-to-face phases. The following contents were part of the training:

These topics were implemented in three face-to-face sessions and three supplementary online modules. In addition to the high workload at the end of the school year, this was a challenge that had to be mastered. It quickly became clear that implementing social media for companies is much more than being on the channels privately.


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As a central experience, the ten participants of the training course uniformly took with them that numerous aspects of entrepreneurial social media work were not clear to them. Although you can see that some companies implement social media channels in a very high-quality way, as a layman you do not know what is necessary for this. Above all, the targeted strategic approach aligned with goals and target groups, the planned design, and the use of a wide variety of social media tools ultimately make a difference in private use.


Even if not all teachers were social media fans before the training, they caught fire during the training and were able to understand why this topic is so exciting for companies. They have developed ideas on how to integrate social media topics more strongly into the classroom in the future and how they can design the implementation of social media channels for their own school. As a team of the Business Academy Ruhr, we had a lot of fun looking after this motivated group and are sure that with this further education we have initiated an important step to accompany schools on their way into the digital world of their student body.

If you as a school or educational institution are also interested in social media topics, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to develop tailor-made training for you or accompany you – a bit – on your way into the social media world.

Hosting a Group Study in a Dome Patio

Planning group-study sessions can be challenging, especially if you have a small space at home. To make it easier for your guests to visit and participate in the study, you might consider hosting the session outdoors or in an alternative space.

One of the most interesting alternatives is hosting a group study session in a dome patio. A dome patio offers several benefits for group study sessions.

In this blog post, we explore why you should host your next group study in a dome patio and some considerations before doing so.

It is smart to consider talking to a professional similar to dome patios Perth. They can help and guide you with the right decisions to make.

Why should You Host a Group Study Session in a Dome Patio?

A dome patio is a unique space that encourages a more inclusive and collaborative group study session. There are several benefits of hosting a group study session in a dome patio:

  • A dome patio has many creative uses that set it apart from a typical patio space. You can transform the space into a dining table, talk table, or activity table.
  • A dome patio provides an alternative space for group study sessions and can accommodate more people than a typical living room or backyard.
  • A dome patio is an interesting space for group study sessions. It is unique and engaging, and it’s a space that students won’t see in a regular house.

How to Host a Group Study Session in a Dome Patio?

As with any group study session, it is important to plan ahead and be prepared to host a successful study session. Here are a few tips for hosting a group study session in a dome patio:

  • Plan your schedule and prepare your materials in advance.
  • Choose a date and time that works for all of your guests.
  • Make sure the dome patio is properly set up and ready to use.

Considerations before Hosting a Group Study

Before hosting a group study session in a dome patio, it is important to consider a few things:

  • The dome patio is great for group study sessions during spring and summer time. So be prepared for potential weather concerns.
  • Be prepared for additional cleaning.
  • Be ready to break down the dome patio.

Reasons Why Education Is Important

First of all, education helps you to lead your life in this complex world. Education is more than what they teach in school. It is the set of skills, knowledge, meaningful behaviors that you learned.

Education enables a higher income

You can work elsewhere and make money. You are in a good negotiating position, more independent because you have more options. More education enables more perspectives and thus more arguments. With the right rhetoric, you can explain to the financier what your value is, why you need how much money or why your offer becomes particularly interesting as the price increases.